Our Old-Fashioned Store is Earning Us a Living

My wife and I hired her grandparents to work in our store. We started a General Store in a small town known for selling antiques and attracting a lot of tourists for local festivals. We even have an old stone and log building that has been here since the Founding Father days of our country. Our store was built in the early 1900s. We renovated it back to its former look using old displays and even an old cash register. The grandparents were volunteering for the fun of it, so we got a paystub maker online and started paying them a paycheck.

It is not hard to do withholding for employees or cover the Social Security, Medicare and the unemployment taxes. They are both retired, so the earnings are all bonus money they can use as discretionary income. They balked at being paid at first, but now they kind of like it. We are not strict on hours, but they are very strict on being on time and never calling off. I really like that type of work ethic. We could not find that in the youth of today, so that is why we stopped hiring part time helpers.

The store is an experience for our customers. We all dress in outfits that mimic the look of clothes from the era of the heyday of the General Store concept. We even have penny candy where you get more than you thought you would for a single penny. Our profit items are souvenirs for tourists and staple items for the locals. We go out of our way to hide modern things such as refrigeration and modern packaging. It is a lot of work to maintain profitability and keep an image, but we have been making a go at it now for about five years. We keep paper books and only use a computer for the online paystub maker and ordering some things. It is hidden in a back room out of sight.

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