We Set Up Our New Apartment in Orlando to Have a Fully Coordinated Look

We were looking for a place to move to. The apartment we were living in was part of a complex that had not had any significant updates in the years we lived there. We started looking at apartments in Orlando FL. We found a place that has 9-foot ceilings and three foot wide tubs in the bathroom. I was sold right there. The island bar in the kitchen, the ultra-modern interiors and the big fitness facility were all perks. When my husband saw the saltwater swimming pool, he was ready to move in right there. He said we could send someone to get our stuff at the old apartment! Of course he was kidding, but he was just emphasizing how much he liked it here.

Instead of dragging everything with us, we sold a lot of the stuff we had. We bought new furnishings with the money we saved and what we earned from what we sold. We sold our kitchen appliances and washer and dryer because the apartment we were moving to provided all that. We got a side by side Whirlpool washer and dryer and stainless steel kitchen appliances. The kitchen has granite countertops. None of that old stuff we had in our old apartment. Selling pretty much everything sure made the move easier. All the furniture we bought was delivered and set up by the company we bought it from. No moving truck needed!

All we did was box up our personal belongings. We even sold the decorations we had on our walls. We were changing our look to match our modern apartment. I even took the pictures out of their frames to buy new ones to match our apartment. We finally have a fully coordinated look to our place. This is definitely an improvement, and we are liking it very much.

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