A Two Bedroom Apartment Just for Me

I thought that it would take me some time to look at different apartments for rent in Bluffdale. I was not in an urgent hurry to find a place super fast, but I did not want to drag my feet either. Once I make up my mind on something, I like to move on it quickly. That is why I wanted to find the apartment that I was going to call home as soon as I found out that I was hired on at the job I had applied for in town.

Even though it is just me, I still wanted to get a two bedroom apartment. I work from home a lot, and I knew that it would be easier to just have all of my things in one room rather than scattered between the kitchen, bedroom and living room. I also knew that I would be a lot more productive if I had a dedicated space for work at my apartment. What I was not counting on was having two bedrooms but also two bathrooms, but it turns out that this is a fantastic feature. The master bath is attached to my bedroom, and the only access is through my room.

That means that if I have guests over for dinner, a movie or anything else, there is a full bath they can use, which means my own private space remains just that, private! I also have a balcony that I spend a lot of time on. It is just so relaxing to go out there and sit down, look at the gorgeous view, and think over things. Sometimes, I will take a book out there with me, which is equally relaxing. This apartment is comfortable and has a great layout, and the price is definitely right too. I’m glad that not only did my apartment search not take long but it was also very successful!

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