An Apartment for My Sister and Me

My sister was having a hard time making ends meet, and she asked me what I thought about the two of us looking at apartments for rent in Santa Fe to see if we could find one where we could split the rent. I had lived on my own for so long I was not sure I could have a roommate again, but I also knew that my sister needed genuine help. I figured I could make it work for a little while until she got back up on her feet, so I told her that I would start looking with her.

Even before I could load the first website to look at different apartments that had vacancies then, she told me she had found the perfect place for the two of us. I had to laugh at her optimism, but I also knew that she would have done the same for me if our positions were reversed. When I looked at the link she sent to me, I really did like what I saw. I knew that It was a much nicer apartment than what I had, and I was actually looking forward to seeing if we could get in.

The two bedroom units were really nice too, with plenty of room for the both of us. I was mostly interested in what was outside the apartment though. The complex I lived in was the bare basics, so there were no features like a community pool, a clubhouse where social activities could take place, or a gym where people can work out. Our application was accepted, and I was so excited about the two of us moving in. I thought it would be a hardship, but it is going to be a really nice place for both of us, and I think we are actually going to grow even closer now!

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