Works Well with My Husband

A friend who spiced her marriage up pointed me to something called the language of desire free. She said this book really helped liven things up with her spouse. They have been married for almost three decades and anyone who has been together that long knows there are the inevitable peaks and valleys in the relationship. My husband and I haven’t been married quite that long, but we’ve been together for almost twenty years and we too have experienced our ups and downs. We’re currently trending into a valley and I thought there was more I could do to get the relationship jump started.

This book, which argues that you can use language to get your husband to start paying more attention to you, doesn’t seem like it’s breaking new ground. At least that is what I thought before investigating further. I picked up a copy and went through the material and my first reaction was laughter. I didn’t think this stuff would work at all. Well, I thought it might work, knowing men as I do, but I wasn’t sure I was up to actually saying some of this stuff. Plus I needed to find the tone and language that worked for our relationship.

My husband went to work and I called him and put some of this into practice. It was hard not to laugh, but I must say it was fun to say some of these things. My husband at first couldn’t believe it, but quickly picked up on the game and gave as good as he got. We had a blast spicing things up on the phone and the next thing you know he left work early and ran home if you know what I mean. Will I try this again? You bet because it definitely works!

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