Working for a Tree Service Can Be Hard

Storms can be intriguing, interesting and captivating, and at times they are even hypnotic. On the flip side of that, storms can be dangerous and even deadly. Thank goodness I have never personally known anyone who has died as a result of a storm, but looking at the national news every day definitely shows it happens. I have witnessed how destructive storms can be though. I used to work for a tree service in Long Island, and we would be at our busiest right after a storm had come through our area.

The storm didn’t even have to be a big one. I had to go out on call when a storm that lasted just a couple of minutes had knocked trees down. It is hard no matter what, but it is even worse when it comes down on a house or business because there is almost always damage left behind after we were able to get the tree or trees removed. It was a hard job seeing the agony in people’s eyes when a tree actually crashed through their house. Our job was the easy part in removing it, but that was just the beginning for them.

I much preferred our routine work. On those days, we would go out and prune trees, inspect them, and even remove them if they were dying or diseased too badly to save. I am all about life, but a diseased tree that has no chance definitely has to come down because it can spread the disease to other trees and plants in the area. When I moved, the first thing I did was contact local tree services to see if there were any openings. Luckily, I was able to start that same week at one tree removal company, which made me very happy because I am at my happiest when I am out working like that.

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